Thalassemia Awareness

Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder that affects the production of hemoglobin. The Red Cross works to raise awareness about thalassemia and the importance of early detection and treatment. we also provide support and resources for individuals and families affected by the condition.

First-Aid Training

The Red Cross offers first aid training courses for individuals, organizations, and businesses. These courses cover a range of topics including CPR, basic life support, and emergency response. Participants learn how to respond in emergency situations and provide basic medical care.

Blood Donation Camps

The Red Cross organizes blood donation camps throughout the year to collect blood from healthy donors. This blood is then used to treat patients in need, such as those with blood disorders or those undergoing surgery.

Red Cross Clinic

The Red Cross operates clinics at token charge to the community, this clinic provide primary health care services to underserved communities. we also provide referral services for more specialized care.

Pathology Laboratory

The Red Cross operates low cost pathology laboratory service for community; this laboratory provides affordable diagnostic services for individuals and communities in need. We also provide referral services for more specialized care.